The Durkins Legacy

Our journey began in 1933 when the founder and owner, Con Durkin, set out on a mission to provide affordable footwear to the people of Longford and its surrounding areas. With prior experience, serving his time as a shop assistant and manager, Con utilised his acquired skills to establish his own store sourcing new and exciting product ranges from suppliers across Ireland. In just a few short years, he purchased14 Ballymahon St, and to this day, it stands as the enduring location of our store. This foundation led to his successful trading, culminating in the expansion of the business until his retirement in the late 1960’s.


Carrying on from Con’s accomplishments, his son Joe took the helm of the family business, solidifying Durkins’ reputation for exceptional quality and service. Joe further expanded the product offerings, venturing into menswear, sportswear, and school wear. He significantly expanded the business, firmly establishing Durkin’s as a highly successful and well regarded family enterprise in Co. Longford. Throughout the years, the enduring values at the heart of Durkins have consistently centred on delivering top -notch quality and outstanding service. 

When Joe passed the baton, his daughter Claire took the reins of the family business, honouring the legacies of her father and grandfather while infusing her creative flair and artistic vision. in 2019 she rejuvenated Durkins into a modern and refined establishment, introducing a dedicated boutique section for children’s clothing and footwear. Across three generations of successful owners, Durkins’ enduring presence serves as a testament to our unwavering dedication to delivering excellence in quality and customer service. 

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