Callaghan Milano Boot


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Introducing Callaghan’s innovative technology, ADAPTACTION, which ensures a perfect fit by accommodating the natural 5-8mm width expansion of your feet while walking. Experience the comfort of ADAPTLITE, an extra-light and flexible material providing exceptional cushioning. Enjoy the convenience of a removable insole, and step confidently with a 5-centimeter heel height. Crafted from top-tier leather, our shoes guarantee maximum quality and durability. Maintain their pristine condition with our recommended Callaghan Natural Cream, which cleanses and nourishes. Stay fresh all day with the breathable lining, featuring antibacterial and anti-odor properties, enriched with a delightful mint scent.



ADAPTACTION TECHNOLOGY :   It adapts to your feet and to the 5-8mm width increase they experience during walking
ADAPTLITE :   Extra light. XL extralight, very lightweight and flexible material that provides cushioning.
INSOLE :   Shoe with removable insole
HEEL HEIGHT :   5 centimeters.
LEATHER :   Maximum quality and durability. Made of high quality leather.
NATURAL CREAM :   It cleans and nourishes. For its care we recommend the Callaghan Natural Cream.
LINING :   Breathable. Technological fabric that is highly breathable, antibacterial, anti-odour and with microcapsules that smell like mint.