Vedoneire Short Sleeve Thermal T-Shirt

32.00 Inc Vat


Vedoneire Short Sleeve Thermal T-Shirt.

Introducing the Vedoneire Short Sleeve Thermal T-Shirt—a perfect companion for your winter adventures. Experience unparalleled comfort and warmth with its soft self-rib binding on the neck and interlocking stitches that create tiny air pockets, effectively locking out the cold and preserving heat. Crafted from super high-quality viscose, this T-shirt is designed for all your winter sports and outdoor activities. Elevate your cold-weather wardrobe with a blend of exceptional comfort and functional style.


  • Soft self rib binding on neck.
  • Made with interlocking stitches, creating tiny air pockets, which trap air, locking cold out and keeping heat in.
  • Made from super high quality viscose for exceptional comfort and warmth.
  • For all your winter sports or other outdoor activities, this is the perfect item for those cold winter months.